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  1. Vaishu
    HelloI'm Vaishu!I'm ia AF not for too long,but always active!Atleast I try to be.....
    I'm kinda friendly and I love Animes,Technology,Drawing and when I'm thinking,I prefer
    being alone.Otherwise I get along well.I have Sisters and Brothers here,but it says no limits,
    so your always free to add me to your tree,after Private Messaging me that is!Currently
    looking for Mom and Dad~<3333!
  2. Hikarin
    @Vaishu Welcome^^ If you want to add those brothers and sisters, you can and I'll make put up your family here. ^^
  3. himeko2251
    I'm in real life I'm really young I would like to be a little sis but I can be something else as well...........
    I really enjoy watching anime and reading manga................
  4. Luka Megurine
    Luka Megurine
    Hi I'm Luka, I was also known as Christine Daae, Umbra Witch Bayonetta, and AkiraRayneRyuu, but you can call me Luka, Shi-chan, Aki-chan, Akira, or Shizuka. Ummm I love anime, video games, drawing, and writing. I live in the hottest place in the world. You guessed it! Florida! I'm friendly when you get to know me but usually on forums, I'm a lil' CRAZY! Currently I am looking for a mom or dad.
  5. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sup,my name is Sizary and
    i really will let anyone join my
    family.i don't think anyone wants
    to thought......
  6. Ravin
    I am Lord Raizo. I need a wife and some children to be my heirs
  7. Road
    Elllo I am Road people often call me Dee, I would like to be a son or a father!
  8. -GAZKUL-
    Sup, I'm Gaz, i've been on AF for about 2 years now, finally got a stable internet connection so i'll be more active. I love beer and American football, havnt watched much anime recently but i'm trying to get back into it. It'd be cool to have a brother for the banter
  9. Disconnected Outsider
    Disconnected Outsider
    Hi, my name's Mat and I like to listen to music a lot, play games and watch a lot of anime when I can. I was hoping to join @SIZARY-MOMO 's family as a brother. ^.^
  10. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    @Phantom Wolf

    You need to ask @SuXrys She's
    my big sister.Even though i started the
    family she's the boss of the Momo Family.
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