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  1. Aleyna
    Hey you guys! I'm Aleyna, but I'm also called Twila. I've been around for quite awhile, and all of my AF family members passed away from the Inactivity Plague.

    I like all different kinds of music. I listen to a lot of Japanese J-Urban music. I like Shojo and Josei manga and animes. Peach Girl is one of my favorite mangas and animes.

    I would like to be apart of anyone's family really, especially those that like shojo/josei anime/manga and/or have a special love for music. You don't even have to have like a normal family title name like I was a duck and chef for some people's families, and in my family I had a coffee addict, a fishy, and a robot. If you want me to join your family, let me know. If you have a title you want me to be, I might be it, but I really like coming up with my own titles.
  2. Meteorkeeper
    The Names Meteorkeeper a good number of you know me as MK you can call witch ever I will leave it up to you.
    I am currently a father in a family if you want to be one on my kids just let me know also the position of mother is still open.
  3. tesaamari
    hi fellas. i'm dessa marie, but you can call me "dm" if you want...

    i wanna join any existing family...
    i'm 17 already, so i can be your big sister^^

    just call me "ate" if you wanna be my little sister
    (ate means big sister)
  4. Hikarin
    Welcome all new members^^ Don't forget to VM anyone you're interested in joining in on a family with.
  5. Nene-Chan
    Hi I'm Auspher X) I am a fan of anime, manga, and video games. Basically, you can just call me a Otaku

    I currently have two AF brothers: Kaitou and DJ Scruffy ^^
  6. SuXrys
    Hello! My name is Suxrys and I am like the rest of you a huge fan of anime and manga! Comes from and currently lives in Sweden so if you sometimes think that my english is crap you can, (instead of squeaking your teeth in agony) just shake your head and think "stupid foreigner".

    Became member of this site years ago but hasn't been online for awhile. So I guess you could say that Im a veteran with moderation, [...] more like a returner from the distance past.
    But still ... pleased to meet you!
  7. Hikarin
    Well welcome back and welcome to the group^^

    @Auspher Would you like them to be added to the tree?
    @SuXrys Nah, your English is fine! xD And I recently became very interested in a Swedish actor! =0
  8. SuXrys
    Hikarin: Heheh ... I think I know who you are talking about... a blond "young" vampire, perhaps? *cough* heheh
    Thanks by the way!
  9. SoulEaterKero
    Hi I'm Kero. I'm 22 and love anime and gaming. Does anyone need a big brother?
  10. Hikarin
    @SuXrys You're welcome!^^ And ehehehehe.... you got me ^^; He is gorgeous though! xD
    @Kero Welcome! =3 And you could be my niichan if you want. ^^
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