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Who is your favorite author?

  1. smile1010
    My all time favorite author would have to be Tamora Pierce. She is an amazing author. I love her!! <33
  2. The Butcher
    The Butcher
    I can't choose one.

    Most of the books they have suck,but there is one good series that I like.
  3. Hypatia
    For childrens books i would have to say Rald Dahal.
    My fav to read at the moment is Jodi Picoult and Karen Kingsbury.
    Michael crichton is pretty good too.
  4. Elphaba
    Mine is obvious =3

    I <3 Wicked
  5. Kagome
    Dianna Wynne Jones. Awesome fantasy and sometimes scifi-fantasy writer. She's done so many fantastic works. Kind of on a mission to read them all. x3
  6. Fuu Kasumi
    Fuu Kasumi
    L. J. Smith
  7. fireflame2009
    L.J. smith!! yeah baby!!! woohhoo
  8. ChaoZ
    sun tzu...
    itosugi masahiro
    masashi kishimoto
    eicchiro oda...
    and many more
    coz i like to read
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