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Who are you???

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  1. Harutsubomi-chan
    Hello everyone!

    In K On every girl can find her character. So my question to you is:
    Who do you like best and who has the same character as you?

    I like Mio best and she is nearly exactly as me. That's also what my friends and sisters told me!^^
  2. nur_farahin
    i like yui.she is very cute and funny=)
  3. Nanuq
    I like Mio :3 She's so cute when she gets embarrassed.
  4. Hanamaru Kunikida
    Hanamaru Kunikida
    I am a guy, but I would be Mugi-chan or Azu-nyan if I was a girl.
  5. zencryo
  6. FlowerMaiden
    I think i'm most like Yui but my favorite is Ritsu
  7. Lunary
    I like Mio most and I'm also alot like her. I'm shy, quiet, and play bass.
  8. masterwazaboo
    Azunyan is my favorite.
  9. catie
    i like ritsu the best she is really funny
  10. sophief
    i like Yui the best but i have to say im more like ritsu....... not that i dont like ritsu
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