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Favorite/Least Favorite Battle System

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  1. Capernicus
    Which is your favorite/least favorite battle system?

    I hated the magic system in VIII. Stock/draw was the stupidest idea, and whoever came up with it should have been fired. Definitely least favorite.

    Crystal Chronicles comes next, because running around sucks (I heart turn-based), and keeping enemies within the floor pattern sucks.

    Next comes most of the ones with turn-based and ATB (active time battle) games.

    Here goes Tactics. I liked how you had to strategically move, the job system was fun and interesting, and owning monsters was awesome. Only drawback was the battles lasted 30+ mins.

    Here goes IX. I liked the jewels you could equip, but didn't like so much that leveling those up was not transferable.

    Here goes VII because materia is awesome, the endless possible combinations intrigued me, and I liked how mastering them made them split.

    I hear the seamless battles in XII and the fact that they weren't random (you could see enemy you could fight) were amazing.
  2. Skylar1
    My fav was 10. I dunno, I just prefer that kind of turn-based where you can take your time.

    My least fav was 12. It just felt like.. *sigh*
  3. Kagome
    So far-I've liked anything before X, and *hated* the Battle Systems after IX. >x>
  4. Lord
    I really like the new battlesystem on 13, but I hated everything with the system when I played 8.
  5. noelynn1995900
    Favorite was X.

    Least favorite is XIII and XII.
  6. Kutsuukage
    My favorite battle system has to be VII, because it was simple, the magic was simple the levling was simple and it was a think fast game with the ATB system, which you could turn on and off, I always had it the fastest possible lol
  7. mimichan1000
    Well my 1st. F.F. game was F.F.VIII , so i like that one the most.
    Next would be xiii.
  8. FlowerMaiden
    Favorite Battle System is X.
    Least favorite is XII >>
  9. jojotheredmage
    (Don't kill me...)
    Personaly I like the FF1 battle system cause its so nostalgic!!! (and I like the red mages to...) and after ff4 they went to time based final fantasies I liked when it was turn based...
    I hate ff12's battle system cause...its not an rpg anymore...(the version I'VE played)T_T
  10. atemisk
    i love x-2's battle style fight and move to new spot in battle corner and kill.
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