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Favorite character?

  1. The Butcher
    The Butcher
    Mine would be Revy.

    All of them are cool,but they can't beat Revy in coolness.
  2. GrimStride™
    Same here.A badass chick with guns.What more can we want
  3. Sapphire-Moon
    Revy and a guy (wears shades) that sometimes help her, don't know his name
  4. Johnny Hill
    Johnny Hill
    Rock is the man. He is the unsuspecting hero and manages to keep a cool head when most would ge going insane.
  5. Johnny Hill
    Johnny Hill
    Oh and the guy your thinking of Sapphire-Moon is Mr. Chang.
  6. Sapphire-Moon
    thank you so much
  7. Frederica Sawyer
    Frederica Sawyer
    Frederica Sawyer.
  8. darkrider21
    revy and fabiola iglesias
  9. Vocaloidfan1
    has to Gretel
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