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let's get to know one another

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  1. Ezza Obsuna
    Ezza Obsuna
    I was wondering about you guys and I sure hope that someone will reply to this thread.
    You can post pictures of you if you like. I'm too lazy to do it though. You can go to my profile if you want to. You can also ask me if you want to know about certain things. Just post.
    So here are things you need to know about me:

    age: I'm 21. Though I don't act and look like one.
    hobbies: Reading books/ebooks, eating ^^, singing along with my Ipod, surfing the net, cooking
    favorite anime: Right now? It's Kaichou wa Maid Sama!
    favorite manga: It's still Kaichou wa Maid Sama!
    favorite anime character: Usui Takumi
    favorite food: chocolate!
    cats or dogs? Hhhmmm.. I have 5 cats and just 1 dog. So I'd say it's cats.
    religion: I'm Roman Catholic
    height: Just the average. 5'6
    bad habit: I bite my nails
    good habit: I don't know if I have one.

    That's it. Please reply. I want to know about you guys.
  2. Elphaba
    This looks fun =3

    I am very immature.
    I love to read, write listen to music and I watch tv occasionally.
    My favourite type od music is pop and rock. Sia is my current obsession right now.
    My favourite actess right now is Patricia Arquette.
    I love witches and magic and such.
    My favourite colorado is green.
    I love dogs and cats.
    Chocolate is my favourite food.
    I am 5' 1" or 5'2" ish.
    If o get to know someone or have seen them enough I will pick up some of their mannerisms or habits.
  3. Meteorkeeper
    age: 25
    hobbies: Reading books, playing video games, Listening to music, watching anime and sparing from time to time.
    favorite anime: Hmm that’s a hard one...I will haft to stick with Slayers.
    favorite manga: Immortal Rain...or Love Hina
    favorite anime character: Radical Edward or Sue from love Hina
    favorite food: Meat lol
    cats or dogs? I would haft to go with cats.
    religion: Atheist
    height: 6.1 or so
    bad habit: I also bite my nails
    good habit: Not a trait but a habit huh...I guess I cant help but hold the door for people and I cant help but look on the brighter side of most things. (I wonder if that makes me a little naive.)

    I do have a pic of myself from a while back so if you're interested:
  4. Ezza Obsuna
    Ezza Obsuna
    only 2 replies. tsk tsk.
  5. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    Age : 12
    Hobbies: drawing, singing, hanging out, listening to music, watching anime, playing assassins creed.
    Favorite anime: deadman wonderland
    Favorite anime: deadman wonderland
    Favorite anime character: Hinata hyuuga
    Favorite food: jicama
    Cats or dogs: neither. Snake is best.
    Religion: I have no clue
    Height : 5'1
    Good habit: ...
    Bad habit : ...
  6. aether
    age: I am 19 years of age
    hobbies: Reading manga / watching anime / playing video games
    favorite anime: My favourite anime would be blackblood brothers as it was the first anime that I watched after a pro-longed silence after pokemon during the time its was only in the gold / silver era
    favorite manga: Black Cat
    favorite anime character: Colonel Mustang
    favorite food: chocolate can't get enough of it ^^
    cats or dogs? I have a cat ^^ irrational fear of dogs as well
    religion: Methodist
    height: average
    bad habit: pick at things
    good habit: helping others
  7. Guardian Heron
    Guardian Heron
    age: I'm 13
    hobbies: Reading books, rping
    favorite anime: Blue Exorcist
    favorite manga: Fruits basket
    favorite anime character: Rin Okumura
    favorite food: pie
    cats or dogs?:cats.
    religion: Agnosticheight: Just the average. 5'6
    bad habit: I bite my nails and Whine
    good habit: I don't know
  8. aether
    I should say used to have a cat now
  9. Pinkya
    age: 18
    hobbies: making wallpapers, writing poems, sleeping xD and making new friends
    favorite anime: skip beat
    favorite manga: hmm honestly i read nothing ^^'
    favorite anime character: girls : Misa from "maid-sama" // guys : Ace from "one piece"
    favorite food: twix <3
    cats or dogs?: neither lol
    religion: Muslim
    bad habit: walkin up the stairs with my toe-tips if im not wearing slippers lol
    good habit: hmm i like to help ppl alot :3
  10. Meteorkeeper
    Welcome tho the group Pinkya I hope you enjoy yourself here. ^^
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