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A Word A Day

  1. Hikarin
    Okay, so it's not really a word a day thing, but it's the best title I could think of.
    Anyway, once reason I started translating lyrics other than because I love songs and I wanted to keep up my Japanese since none of my friends here can speak it was that I wanted to learn more new words and read/write more kanji.
    Since then, I have learnt many new words, some of them not used often.
    So.... since I'm sure everyone comes across this, whenever you learn a new/interesting word, term or phrase, share it here! =3
    I think the one that's puzzled me the most so far was "黄燐" though. I spent the whole time working on the song it's from going "....What the heck is 'ourin'?!" and when I finally found the meaning I was like "Oh.... well how was I supposed to know that? xD".
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