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Favorite Yaoi Mangas

  1. grell
    Recently, I haven't found any good yaoi mangas. I would like it if everybody post their favorite mangas or suggest something to me according to the description below. Otherwise, this thread is basically just sharing our favorite yaoi/shounen ai. ENJOY!

    Uke: not girly or have a girly face
    Seme: any
    Plot: decent, good, great! any
    Genre: ANY!
  2. chinooji
    Don't you just hate it when you can't find any good yaoi manga?..try the tyrant who falls in love. The story and the art work is good:3 ...that is if you haven't already read it yet. If you have, try other work by Takanaga Hinako.
  3. Will Phuah
    Will Phuah
    Well, the tyrant falls in love is definitely a must try. Hinako Takanaga's works are all amazing
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