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  1. AzureDark
    Is our new AnimeLyrics mascot.

    Muffin-tan comes in all shapes, colours and sizes. You just don't know what to expect.

    Please spread the word, and upload lotsa Muffin-tan pics on this group.

    *me nods*
  2. animeyay
    I will make sure to blast my AL posts with マフィンたん and マフィンきゅん =D
  3. Rei
    Indeed. I shall come up with a new...muffin-tan. Soon.
  4. AzureDark
    The other day I just noticed AF has its own Oekaki...

    I'll try to find time to ask Kaitou to Muffinate AL.
  5. marvelangga
    i never knew AL had mascots... (who's muffin-tan...? @[email protected])
  6. Rei
    lol welcome back marvel! ^^ Umm...muffin-tan's a muffin that came up in our threads, so we (randomly) decided to make him a mascot lol :3
  7. marvelangga
    Oooh~ I like muffins~ ;D they're delicious... >~<
  8. AzureDark
    Does anyone want to make a template design for Muffin-tan? A white muffin with a blank face is all there is to it. Later on we can put it up on the site or make it a store/gift item etc...
  9. animeyay
    maybe we'll need a male counter-part (and call him Muffin-kyun)
    but I wouldn't call myself artistically inclined, so I don't wanna hurt your eyes with my horrible rendering ;x
  10. AzureDark
    Muffin-tan is supposed to be Hideyoshi (ambiguous)!
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