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Current Family Members

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  1. Meteorkeeper
    Here are the current members of my wonderful AF Family, if you wish to join in any available capacity just let me know.

    Father: Me ^^

    Mother: Open

    Daughters: Avril4E, YuriEcchiGirl, miyabikazama, IceQueen96

    Son's: Teru Murasame, Tanenr Redday

    Mad scientist uncle: aether

    Partner in Crime: Ensifer

    Our spell casting witch cousin: Elphaba

    Creepy emo niece: Crona Makenshi

    The family bookworm: Ezza Obsuna

    The family's cute pet neko: Karami Mew~Meow

    My Crazy Closet Otaku Cousin: SakuraKiss13
  2. aether
    I shall be the strange lost relative who only shows up at the big gatherings but when I do show I make a big impact
  3. Meteorkeeper
    lol I see hmm I could list you ass my families odd uncle or something.
  4. aether
    that'll do or the family's mad scientist
  5. Meteorkeeper
    Lol hows that ^
  6. aether
    Perfect ^^
  7. Meteorkeeper
    ^I do hope the title is to your liking Karami.
  8. aether
    I should do some more mad experiments like see what the outcome of a crocodile and kangaroo would be
  9. Meteorkeeper
    lol now there's a scary thought.
  10. aether
    The killing ability of a croc and the speed of the kangaroo
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