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MK's AF family talk

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  1. Meteorkeeper
    Here my family can talk freely with one another.

    So how is everyone doing?
  2. aether
    I be doing alright, and your fine self
  3. Meteorkeeper
    Fine fine just hopein this group works out well.
    It's my first one after all.
  4. Nesh
    I want cookies!
  5. Meteorkeeper
    *hands you a jar of cookies* It's wonderful to see you my dear daughter I was hopeing you would pop in soon so what do you all think I should use for the groups pic I am drawing a blank.
  6. aether
    Use either

  7. Meteorkeeper
    I can’t see them darn work security system I will view them when I get home thanks for the suggestions.
  8. aether
    Its alright glad I could be of assist
  9. Meteorkeeper
    All very nice pics, they might fit in better as group photos though due to the fact that I wish to portray both friends and family enjoying each others company in by group pic.
  10. Meteorkeeper
    Everyone welcome the newest addition to the family Karami Mew~Meow as our cute pet neko.
    Welcome Karami. ^^
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