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Practice Lyric Tests

  1. Hikarin

    Here you may take mock lyric tests for those of you considering becoming a lyric contributor.
    I will post several images. Some text I would have extracted from different things and some I would have made up.

    This is what you must do:
    1) Choose any one (or more) of the tests to take
    2) Transliterate and/or translate the image
    3) When you're done, PM me you answers (it is also okay to write notes about why you did something a certain way or any interesting points to the test)
    4) Await your mark while I check on how well you did
  2. Hikarin
    The tests I have provided here you must pass on to me to mark. However, if someone else like animeyay posts his own test choice which you choose to take instead, refer your answer on to him.
    Please do not post your answers anywhere other than to me or another marker so that people won't be influenced by your answers.
    Let me make this clear: I will NOT check over the true animelyrics test for you and neither should anyone else. You just have to take it and see how well you fair. Also, just because you may pass one of the tests we provide here, that doesn't mean you are admitted as a lyric contributor either. These are merely mock tests and nothing more for you to practice on.

    Also, you can be as good a translator as there is and still fail the test. There is nothing to be ashamed of because lyrics are simply much harder than normal Japanese speach. With time and practice, you will surely be great. I promise that it took me time for adjustment. Good luck!
  3. Hikarin
    Mock Lyric Test #1
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