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Hosting Wolf

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  1. Shini
    This will be the hub for all those who wish to host a future game of Wolf. So far, in order, the next hosts shall be: Shinn Kamiyra, *Tsuki*, Aleyna, The Rebel, and DJ Scruffy.

    Of course, this list is in no way set in stone. It may change depending on availability. If you, too, wish to be a host in the future, please post a reply to this saying so.
  2. The Rebel
    The Rebel
    Hmm, I just realized something. We should also do a "Hosting Tutorial" topic. That way we have a guide for those who haven't hosted a game before.
    Otherwise, I'm fine with the current order of future hosting.
  3. Furore
    Add me in after them.
    I've got a few ideas in mind, some of which were partially inspired by that last round.
  4. The Rebel
    The Rebel
    Oh, and you can actually remove me from the list. Sadly, I won't have the necessary time and access to host a round. I'll be able to play, just not host one. Sorry folks, really had hoped to be able to rerun the Bleach one. Maybe some time in the future.
  5. Xeyuzio
    It seems like fun to host one of these, anyways add me to the "list". ^_^
  6. The Rebel
    The Rebel
    Fun? Sometimes it can be fun, others not so much. It really depends on your players.
  7. The Rebel
    The Rebel
    I believe our current list is such:
    1) Shinn Kamiyra
    2) Aleyna
    3) Zoi Yex

    After all, I think DJ Scruffy was listed before he helped create the Marvel themed game, and *Tsuki* is running the current Pokemon Game.
  8. Ωmega
    I would like to host a Wolf game. I already have a theme and characters set up ^w^
  9. Syaoran
    ;w; I'd actually like to host one time or another, since I stink at the game itself xD
  10. Aleyna
    Yupp, I will be hosting a game after Shinichi and Shinn Kamiyra together? My theme is going to be Disney. I would also love to keep hosting games in the future. I don't feel like really playing any Wolf games right now, sorry, but if anyone has a Wolf game idea and would like someone to host or co-host with them, I'm more then willing to host.
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