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Random Contest #1

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  1. Elphaba
    Second place is good
    I've never won anything so second place is awesome :3
    I can't wait for the next contest :]
  2. aether
    what mine never even got in the top 3? I took alot of time to think up most that stuff as well I feel upset now......
  3. ╬Karami Mew~Meow
    ╬Karami Mew~Meow
    awww all your yours were awesome! And it wasn't too easy to decide either.
    But I am still gifting you @aether because you actually joined it ^^ and there was only 4 of you guys.

    Thank you for Participating~ =D
    So, since you 4 are the first contestants on the first dango contest, each of you are free to brainstorm a possible contest :3 Please post your ideas here ^^
  4. aether
    Thanks very much
  5. Meteorkeeper
    Aw you beat me to it Karami I was just about to get him something to lol.
    Yours was very good as well and I felt all your effort deserved something.
    I hope to see you all again in the next contest.
  6. rabbitzilla
    YAY Third <3
  7. Elphaba
    lol create your own country is going to be hard to beat
    I'll try to think of something though :]
  8. Meteorkeeper
    Best of luck ^^
  9. SuXrys
    Coming up with a new contest is hard. :3 but... maybe... hm. Something like coming up with your own anime character? like descirbing how you would want to look like and why, why you would choose to have certain attires like weapons (why those ones?) and so on. In what enviroment would you like your character to live in and so on... How about something like that?
  10. Meteorkeeper
    Not a bad idea there but you would need to tone down the creativeness a tad for me to participate then again I could just be a judge again.
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