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Random Contest #1

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  1. Elphaba
    I didn't know there was a contest going on lol
    I would have joined sooner :3
    Can I still join?
  2. Meteorkeeper
    I suppose that's up to Karami but I don't have a problem with it.
  3. Elphaba
    Country name: Siafaye Island.

    Few cities/states: Mystic Broomstick, Psychic Medium, Moonlighting, Rainbow Blues, Magic Moon, Crystal Starlight.

    Flag: deep blue, half moon half sun, stars with a witch dressed in black holding a broom stick in ine hand and a spell book in another standing beside a half couger female.

    Resources: nearby streams, fish of all kinds, and food from their garden.

    Government: Whatever the people need they do their best to get it.
  4. Elphaba
    People: Witches, wizards, and half animals (cats, dragons, cougars, monkey, bird, fish, wolf...) witches and wizards learn magic, flying on a broomstick and how to control magical talents and other normal school subjects. Half animals learn how to control their abilities and other subjects. They are born with a certain birthmark.

    Maya: half cougar, has a paw print birthmark on her hip, in gym she learns how to control her abilities to control animals as well as her own abilities such as running, climbing, and hunting. She practices calling animals when she needs help and controlling them when needed.
  5. Elphaba
    I cut down on a lot to make it fit so let me know if you need or want more info :3
  6. rabbitzilla
    Well since this is a dango group. I'll make a dango country :3

    Country name: Dangotopia

    A few city/state names: Dangopolis and Dumpling City

    Description of the flag: A dango shaped flag with a smiling face

    Resources: large supplies of dango to eat, rice fields, rivers of green tea and hot chocolate, sugar fields, trees that grow candy and ponds filled with yummy noodles.

    What kind of government: Monarchy ruled by King and Queen Dangos that never die and spread complete happiness.
  7. rabbitzilla
    Describe your people: Well there are dango pets (these can't be eaten bc they are alive) and then there are humans, elves, fairies, vampires, demons and chimeras

    What does your country find significant, and cherished: Happiness and Dreams. <3

    My country is full of happiness. Everyone in the country is trying to fulfill their dreams and working towards making dangotopia a better place. Their only fault is that they end up giving too many of their resources away to other countries. They experience many hardships because they overuse their resources. They also eat a limited diet because many healthy foods aren't grown or made in their country.
  8. SuXrys
    Country name: The proud nation of McGentergowitsch

    A few city/state names: This proud and glorious nation has 3 citys. The smallest one is Cawerthn and is a little farmer town, the next one is a little bigger and is called Hawnama and then of course we have the biggest and proudest of them all: the capital McGentergowitsch (note that the capital has the same name as the nation itself)

    Description of the flag: The flag is quite humble. The background is white and then in the middle is two cherries that is hanging together.

    Resources: The nation is a farmer nation. So mostly it produces food but also exports wood and such.

    What kind of government: Monarchy.
  9. SuXrys
    Describe your people: The people is very humble and friendly, even if their state name can give the impression of something else. The people in McGentergowitsch resembles the smurfs, but they doesn't look like them exactly. They arn't so small as they are, but their sizes are like humans - just a little shorter. Their houses doesn't look like mushrooms but instead their hats look like oness. Their houses looks like the houses that the hobbits live in in Lord of the Rings. The people loves to be outside and being in the forest where they can just stroll around and smell the flowers ~
  10. SuXrys
    What does your country find significant, and cherished: Their nature and their ocean. They put alot of effort in keeping the environment healty and balanced, they do this both because they love the nature itself and also because they have to - the nations ecomony depends on their farms so enviroment must be good because else the farms quality of their productions is hurt.

    Other infos: If you ever will visit McGentergowitsch go to a local pub and tree the gingerale beer - they are famous for it!
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