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Ladies you wish to be

  1. MisaMisaEK
    Kay so, ive decided to do a rp while we're at basicaly pick an anime lady who's name you wish to steal (guys, if youre with this, you gotta do it too XD) and just for the hell of it, tell us why...i WANT to be Inner Moka...but since i'm really known as Misa-Misa Elric Kurosaki...Misa-Misa is who i shall be... awww
    anywhos...choose your character and why...that is who we shall call you
  2. ╬Karami Mew~Meow
    ╬Karami Mew~Meow
    If I was to decide, I coudln't because there is too much, plus I wouldn't want to be someone else. I just look at it as female characters mos similar to me. And I just stick to creating them lol
  3. MisaMisaEK
    Wow, no one ever really says something like that...i totally agree though...but this is only if you want to, no worry -_*
    Creating em...totally good idea...if you've already created one, then upload...i have my own that ive created for bleach, but i havent really drawn them so nice...anywho, i'll upload mine and you (and anyone else can do the same)
  4. 박숴밍
    Well, if I was an anime character I'd want to be Inori Yuzuriha or Yuuki Kuran....
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