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  1. Baka
    I made a little button to try to get it added to the gifts in the shop.

    It needs to be cleaned up a bit.
  2. Aleyna
    Yay, this makes me happy. We need more gifts in the gift shop, and we need to have the option to include a message with the gift back. Ace wants that option back, it's just it's not available right now.
  3. Baka
    Yeah, I read we may get the message option back in the future. But nothing certain.
  4. Reirui
    I like.

    id buy if it goes into the shop

    also i agree with Aleyna.
  5. Baka
    Thanks. It would be awesome if they added it and also made it FREE!!!
  6. ╬Karami Mew~Meow
    ╬Karami Mew~Meow
    Gasp!!! *ideaidea* goes to site issues and such thread xD thankx for reminding me ! lol and yes, although the gift shop looks like it has a lot, not too much of them are really that nice to give lol
  7. Baka
    OMG!!! It got added!!!
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