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2011 - Thus far

  1. Skilero
    So, how's your 2011 been?
  2. SuXrys
    Quite boring. I have been studying math this whole year so far - and I don't like math at all ~
    But it's something that I have to do since it is a part of my education.

    Math everyday, every week, every month, always -_-
    It's been pretty good I'm goin to A-kon!!!! Can't wait plus who knows i might cosplay.
  4. animangachik315
    my 2011 rock my baby sis was born in dec 17 of 2010 and now shes so happy and shes amkng our lives alot better and i cant imagine life withouther... in fact i cant remember life with out her ... plus i started high school and i love it though its nothing like any showiv seen centered around a high schoolers life...
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