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Song(s) you plan/wish to work on?

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  1. marvelangga
    I posted this discussion just so we can find out what songs our fellow translators are planning/wishing to translate in the near future so that conflict, although rare, may be avoided. This is not a "first to post, first to translate" system but, please make sure that you intend to do and finish any songs you're going to post here; it can be subjected to change anyway. In case two or more plan to work on the same song(s), they'll just discuss on themselves who to do this or that.

    Note: Your queue must be regularly updated/edited, and so please also check this discussion regularly. Thanks!~
  2. AzureDark

    My projects include I've, ave;new and Denkare. I'll only be filling up the translits of fripSide when I have time, but if anyone wants to help please do. Usually I don't have any problems with this because I'm the only one with the eroge music expertise round here so nobody usually preempts me, and if animeyay or my gf or any other translator puts up a t/l of the songs I like then I'd be more awed than vexed, really.
  3. marvelangga
    I'll generally be translating only Hatsune Miku songs of 40mP, OSTER Project, doriko, jimmy thumb P, 19's Sound Factory, DECO*27, Project DIVA, Bousou P, and supercell, especially my own translits~
  4. Hikarin
    Mmmm.... I'm just going to be working on a lot of doujin lyrics for a while. I've been transcribing from booklets like crazy. For the vocaloids though, I'm going to work on a lot of Shuujin P's works. Often the voice may be altered a little funny, but I really love his(?) creative writing. ^^
  5. Rei
    I'll help with those, since I don't really have any songs to do nowadays. Mostly doing vocaloid it'd be good if I Got into real J-pop again.
  6. AzureDark
    Help with whose songs specifically?
  7. Rei
    ...fripSide? Yours, unless you don't want me to.
  8. AzureDark
    Can you help me with the old albums (1st, 2nd & 3rd ****** of fripSide)?
  9. Rei
    Sure! Just need to get the next few days out of the way.
  10. mewpudding101
    I'm planning to do the rest of the Working!! character songs, and also the rest of the character songs for To Aru Majutsu no Index, To Aru Majutsu no Index II, and the last one for To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. I also want to do the songs for the new single by SPHERE, We Can Do!
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