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What music do you prefer to listen to while you write? :3

  1. *MayMay*
    Is there any particular music you like to listen to as you write? Do you prefer silence? The sounds of your neighbors shouting at each other at two in the morning? o_o'

    I know that when I'm writing -especially for roleplaying!- my favorite playlists are the soundtrack from Hellsing or, if I need something lighter and more emotional, the InuYasha Wind Symphonic Soundtrack.

    Just thought it might be fun to share. ^-^'
  2. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    I like to listen to Vocaloid. for som,e reason it helps me prevent writers block
  3. Keena
    Well, I listen to music that will put me in the mood I need to write a specific piece of work so it can vary. I like listening to Vocaloid and Bleach tracks most of the time but I'll listen to classical or jazz sometimes too. n.n
  4. RASCO
    some music i listen too would be Beethoven mainly moonlight sonata some jap would be just modern openings for anime :P
  5. Hinata Kuchiki
    Hinata Kuchiki
    i perfer to listen to kana nishino and aqua timez.
  6. Gero50
    It all de[emds what I'm writing. I like Japanese music when I am writing anime fan fiction. If I am writing my own story anything will do as long as its somewhat inspirational.
  7. Rusty Blade
    Rusty Blade
    The Bleach and Gunslinger Girl OST are great for most scenes, especially the highly emotional ones so I listen to them a hell of a lot but depending on the mood of what I'm writing every other time I just listen to heavy freaking metal!
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