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Yay or Nay? (Read the Description)

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  1. Hanamaru Kunikida
    Hanamaru Kunikida
    As is was my idea to integrate it into here, I obviously say yay.
  2. animeyay
    Sure, a good way for me to work on my gaming rhetoric. (Provided that I know the dev team first, of course lol)
  3. Furore
    Sounds like an interesting-ish idea.
    So long as I'm not distracted by some mass gathering involving alcohol or female company at the time, yay.
  4. Shinn Kamiyra
    Shinn Kamiyra
    Yay? o_o Yay! ^^
  5. Kylesico912
    I might be able to brush up some old forgotten skills. Yay for me.
  6. TomoyoSakagami
  7. Elukien
    I'm going to say Yay because everyone else is saying Yay.
  8. Scruffy
    Idea sounds solid.
  9. Chewbaka
    Yay. I'd like to see how mad I'd get when my pick fails.
  10. Sr Machinehead
    Sr Machinehead
    i say yay. it seems like a fun idea.
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