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Inuyasha: What's your favorite part about him?

  1. xoxspammy
    I think my favorite part about him, would be how he was torn between is love for kagome and his love for kikyo. It made him seem very attached to his emotions. It also seem to make him human.
  2. かごめ
    I don't really know what my fav part about him was...'x' I suppose I liked his mostly blunt and straight forward attitide. He never did lie once through the series, and that's pretty admirable. Despite his anger management issues, he was very noble...I guess that's what I liked best about him.
  3. The_Angry_Princess
    The only part i loike is when Kagome says SIT BOY!!!!!
  4. かごめ
    hm...I found that annoying...:\ especially in the anime, where they over did it for comedic relief...She didn't use Osuwari a quarter as much in the manga as she did in the anime.
  5. Kagome
    :x I actually agree with かごめ.
  6. Sexy_wolf_chick23
    Because he make me laugh when Kogas around Kagome.
  7. Sapphire-Moon
    I'm sorry if this offend anyone but he wasn't my fav character (only belong to sesshomaru) but I do like when him and Kagome fight and she gets him with SIT (laugh every time)
  8. Suzume
    i love him when he is human
  9. catie
    he really cares about people but he tries to hide it
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