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General Discussion

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  1. Bulf
    I just realized we don't really have one of these, so here's one. Pretty much anything you feel like sharing at the moment, whether it's how to do something or just showing off what you just did. So yeah, go!
  2. Vintniv
    I am very sad right now, because apparently people dont know the difference between a bunny suit and bunny girl. My dreams of sexy ladies in outfits that look like they went through a wood chipper are being broken.
  3. LavaBug
    How about you post some example pics...Bunny suit. bunny girl :P
  4. Vintniv
    I did; that's what makes me sad about it.
  5. LavaBug
    Ouch -_-
  6. Harmonics
    I feel your pain Serated.
  7. Xeyuzio
    Serated, I was seriously going to make a signature using this I thought it would be pretty humorous, what do you think people would have said?
  8. Bulf
    HAHAHA, that would've been hilarious.
  9. Annie Hall
    Annie Hall
    I just recently joined this group, and I'm trying to post something to A.) find out if my request to join has even been accepted yet [I'm assuming that if it lets me post this, it has] and B.) Be an active member!
  10. Vintniv
    Yes, and yes, Annie. Hating these requests I am getting. Where do these people come from with these terrible stock images? A 200 by 150 image or a screen cap isnt a stock image! Its an insult!
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