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Further develop your characters

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  1. SigmaSD
    Okay, so just to get a good idea of how you want your character to be portrayed, you can write additional info in here.

    For example:

    My character is Zero so I want him to have a liking for starfish, I want him to have a sense of justice like a super hero, and I want him to be slightly obsessed with the letter S. And he sorta uses a lot of emoticons. lol.
  2. Anuket
    My character is Chun Li and since she is also known as The First Lady Of Fighting Games I would want her to be independent and a total kick-arse but just like me she's a flirt and has an obsession with dolls, yes DOLLS! So obsessed that if anyone messes with her dolls she'd go totally berserk and do her famous signature move "Hundred Rending Kicks" and she also uses the word "Ai-ya" a lot when talking. X3

    Hope that was detailed enough. =3
  3. Aleyna
    Mine I actually can't post so I sent you a PM Sigma. XD
  4. Kusuke
    I'll edit this post at a later time... When I have more time. I'm going to develop mine a bit though.
  5. blueangel06661
    I'm kanna from Air so I'd like her to be like normal Innocent and caring. Use the phrase "That's embarrassing" And likes hearts :3 ----and uses that emoticon Plus loves the sky/sea just like in the anime as well. She'll be on the good side and will possibly take on a healer type role or something
  6. Anime Forum
    Anime Forum
    I'm Ryu from street fighter, so I hope he'll be able to kick ***! I also want the lead rule! Haha.. I'm just joking on that.

    Probably independent, though can count on his friends when he needs help.
  7. Mattey
    Im Ryohei (if the sheet works x.x) and in the end of fights i probebly ask ppl if they will join my boxing club lol :P and energetic and fired up lol the same thing should probebly shout to the extreme or extreme alot =)
  8. Nesh
    Just as in the sheet and when loosing you can add some of the special Lucy ecpressions

  9. Tanenr Redday
    Tanenr Redday
    Nice nice
  10. Hikarin
    Hikarin wants her character to be a bit like her e.g. innocent to any sexual reference someone throws at her, says's "nyaa" or "nyuu" and "V!" (along with the finger symbol of course... although it will have to be imagined) and is also.... Kakashi Hatake's girlfriend!XD
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