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Continuing sign-ups. We will NOT die!!!

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  1. SigmaSD
    Okay so we will continue with the sign ups in this discussion. If you want to change your character or anything just post it in here. Also feel free to invite anyone you like or anyone you'd think will enjoy this.

    Original sign up thread

    Let the war begin. Fight-O!!! >=O
  2. Anuket
    That was really fast, Sigma.
    I'm still going with Chun-li and I thought it would be nice if I helped you guys find some sprite sheets of her, so here's one I've just found.
    Let me know if you guys need help or anything. ^ ^
  3. SigmaSD
    Characters so far are:

    Kaitou- Tsuna
    SigmaSD- Zero
    Anuket- Chun Li
    blueangel06661- Kanna Binomikoto
    Cmpunk- Ryu
    animeyay- Naruto Uzumaki
    Shin Kamiryra- Vegito
    Uta- Kairi
    Kusuke- Mystogan
    Shingo 22- Fei Long
    avrile4 - Lucy
    Aleyna - Felicia
    Anime-Prince - Goku
    Dryaxx - Alucard (Castlevania)
    TomoyoSakagami - Jotaro Kujo
    Neuko - Piccolo
  4. Mattey
    i dont see meh x.x
    Well again :P Ill be ryohei from khr :P <<< the page of the moves :P
  5. Nesh
  6. SigmaSD
    avril I got yours but it doesnt lemme edit the post for some reason so Imma post it here for now
    avril4e- Lucy

    And Mattey that link doesnt work, even though its weird cause it was working before.
  7. .:neuko:.
    This is just to say thanks for signing me up to the comic! \^o^/

    Btw, here's a sprite sheet for Piccolo if it'd help (the exact same one shown to me by Kaitou the other day)? I'd extract the sprites myself, but I may not be able to get round to that until next month. That said, if you need any help with extracting other sprite sheets in general, I'd be happy to help! ^ ^ I also checked the link to see if it works and I know it does; but the hosting site's server has a tendency to be busy at times, so if you get any persistant problems with accessing the sprite sheet thru the link just let me know and I'll resort to loading an exact copy of the sprite sheet directly from my computer instead.

    This comic will be awesome! Fight-O!
  8. Nesh
  9. Nesh
    and another one for SetsukaYue if she wants to join as Bluebell
  10. Shinn Kamiyra
    Shinn Kamiyra
    Loving the fighting spirit to keep the comic alive, but could you please fix my name? ^^
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