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Epic ways to be awesome!

  1. Shinn Kamiyra
    Shinn Kamiyra
    Attention all members of "The All Time Epic Group of Awesome Win,"

    In this world, surely there are an infinite number of ways to display your awesomeness to the world. Even when one day we are gone, the logs of AF will pass on to future generations the all-time epic win that we were and inspire countless others to feats of greatness and awesome win!

    However, to what ends do you take to display your awesomeness to the world around you? For me, it starts off with but the simple gesture of wearing my headphones whenever and wherever I can; however, a simple pair of headphones isn't enough to make this display. What is needed is a finer blend of class, style, and performance. And so, bearing this in mind, there's only one set good enough to get the job done:

    The Phiaton MS 400 Premium Headphones. An epic pair of headphones if ever there were one .
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