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Illuminated Spirits Meeting

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  1. Bulf
    Sounds good to me. My Skype name is CaptainEllipsis (obviously xD).
  2. Xeyuzio
    Skype isn't my first choice for a meeting since I can only use it on my PSP Go. >_> If you want to use MSN or Aim I'm good with that, you can find the information in my profile. o_O;;
  3. Vintniv
    Okay, so things didnt go as planned. Spent the whole day waiting, nobody showed up on either Skype or MSN. As far as me receiving friendship requests to validate people were there anyway. But fear not! We can always try again, and I think a better solution would just to go onto AF chat, and take our conversation into on of the rooms that isnt used very often. RP, Anime chat, etc. How does next week, March 5th on Saturday sound?
  4. Bulf
    I completely forgot about it. I'll set some reminders for next saturday then. And RP/Anime chat sounds good to me!
  5. FluffyDango
    I didn`t forget about it, I was on.
    But I forgot to check your profile here for your Skype name :P
    I`ll add you later today, need sleep now.
  6. FluffyDango
    Well I`ve added you Sera and you too Hyphen.
    I don`t know how I know that someone has accepted the requests, so send a msg when you do :P
  7. Vintniv
    Okay, so I wanted to make a mention of this. We had the meeting with 3 people; Hyphen, SR Machine and myself. Not the greatest, but better than nothing. Anyway, a certain Admin joined in and helped us out a lot in how we are going to organize as well as a new objective. In exchange for 1 Wallpaper a month per every 10 members we have, the Admin offered us a type of sub forum. The details are a bit sketchy, but if we do this, it means we will be able to do more projects. It also means that eventually we can start doing work on Photoshop brush packages, C4D stocks, among other things.

    So with that, I am working on one wallpaper myself, however its going to take me time and I am hoping that some of you would be so kind as to try and slap one together so as to hold up our end of the bargain to our Admin.
  8. Harmonics
    What kind of wallpaper does it have to be? And can we use anything we want?
  9. Vintniv
    A wallpaper, is a wallpaper, is a wallpaper. I did one, if you want a reference:

    YOU DO NOT have to copy it. Just make some sort of a wallpaper so it gets approved on, and the deal is set. We only have 2 weeks left to get this done.
  10. Harmonics
    I meant did it had to be specific when I mention what kind of wallpaper. ^^"
    But I get it anyway.
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