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Illuminated Spirits Meeting

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  1. Vintniv
    Hello again.

    I came up with this idea a while ago, and I think it time to put it into practice. I would like us to all actually meet somewhere, at some time. Of course not in person, but over some sort of Internet based medium. That said, I would like use to do it sometime within the next few weeks if possible so we can discuss things such as activity, new projects, and what you guys would actually like to learn.

    Hope to get some responses.
  2. Bulf
    Sounds good. I've got Skype and Aim and I'm almost always doing anytime is good for me.
  3. FluffyDango
    I have Skype, only chat program I like to use.
  4. Vintniv
    Well, lets aim for a date when we can all get together then. I think it should be a weekend of some sort any preferences?
  5. FluffyDango
    I`m free all day on Sundays.
    On Saturdays I`m free from 18:00 CET, so that`ll be around 13:00 for you guys in the states.
  6. Bulf
    I'm free all day on Saturdays and Sundays. I'm usually in bed around 1 am (EST) though. I'm up for any dates as well, so....yeah!
  7. Sr Machinehead
    Sr Machinehead
    i'm free all day weekends though unless i know a time ahead i'm usually not up until around 2-4 pm PST though i can wake up earlier if i need to, any time between then and sunrise is when i'm open. i have skype as well.
  8. Vintniv
    Kay, how does February 26th sound? Its a week form this upcoming Saturday and I think gives everybody enough time to plan out their schedules.
  9. Sr Machinehead
    Sr Machinehead
    fine with my schedule, i'd probably be doing nothing anyways.
  10. FluffyDango
    I don`t have anything to do on any sundays, unless it a special day for someone in the family, birthday and such :P

    Add me on Skype: Anime-san (someone suggested I use that nick in a game I used to play)
    Write a msg with who you are, since if I don`t recognise the nick I won`t accept.
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