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  1. Cordier Princess
    Cordier Princess
    Why is he so cutie
  2. loner127
    you be quiet!!!
  3. eagle heart
    eagle heart
  4. Simphoni
    It's not her fault!!
    Most people just can't help it

    In my own opinion
    Why is he such a HOTTIE??!!
  5. eagle heart
    eagle heart
    ohh sorry
  6. Simphoni
    No problem
    But I also wonder sometimes

    But cute can be cute
  7. blackstar97
    wats up everybody
  8. blackstar97
    whos such a hottie
  9. Simphoni
    Wats up 2 u 2 ^-^

    Who ever u think is such a hottie
    We were discussing why Ed was such a hottie but u can tell us who u think is such a hottie and we can discuss it??
  10. SwiftKill GunToting
    SwiftKill GunToting
    I say don't question it, just enjoy it
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