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Fav character!

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  1. FREAK 5
    FREAK 5
    Who is your favourite character and why?
  2. Meteorkeeper
    That would haft to be Lucy.
    I cant help but smile when I see her, I also love how she intoracts with her celestial spirits.
  3. Nesh
    I love Lucy, Natsu aand Happy...But Lucy the most !!! She is awsome(greatest anime character ever)!!
    Like how she let's Natsu and everyone stay at her house. She is friendly, kind, sometimes mad but skip that & she is is really bonded with her selestial spirits, she doesn't tret them bad as the other key users!!
    I love loki i love him because he is very funny and he well do anything to protect other people and his friends AND OTHER CELESTIAL SPIRTS
  5. thatguyslater
    My favorite character in Fairy Tail?
    Gray Fullbuster, of course.
    I don't know but I just like Ice.
  6. michelle savira
    michelle savira
    Erza Scarlet And Gray Fullbuster
    They Are the strongest wizard in my heart !!
  7. -Sasuke Uchiha-
    -Sasuke Uchiha-
    Maybe Natsu cuz he is awesome.
  8. Winter night
    Winter night
    Lucy cos shes plain awesome and shes pretty and gray cos hes hot . I even got his tattoo and necklace^^ I know hes a guy._> but stillXD
  9. Reshad
    Almost everyone but specially Natsu,Gray,Happy,Gildarts,Sting,Rogue,Gajeel,Frosh .
  10. TragiK313
    Happy is my favorite. I laugh everytime he opens his mouth.
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