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What are your favorite Hatsune Miku songs?

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  1. marvelangga
    Give details on your favorite Hatsune Miku songs. You can also explain why you like them or what made you like them, and also your personal thoughts and feelings about them. Don't forget to include the name of the producer! No haters allowed.
  2. Raniyukibrown
    okay my favorite song would hav to be world is mine because i love how she sounds, it was the first ever song i heard miku sing and thats when i totally fell in love with vocaloid ^^
  3. marvelangga
    Haha, for me, I didn't fell in love with the first song I've heard from her which is Love is War, but I used to sing it loud.. male version!~ :P

    Melt is my all-time favorite Hatsune Miku song!~ The lyrics was soo cute, and you can imagine how the story goes when you watch a pv of it between Miku and Kaito~ How I wish I was in Kaito's place!!~
  4. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    my all-time fav is Last night good night. i love the way she sings that song to bad i can't sing like her.
  5. marvelangga
    @Raniyukibrown: Yep, I find "World is Mine" great as well~
    @dragonslayergirl: Oh.. if you practice singing more, won't you get better at it? Then submit a "dragonslayergirl" version of Last Night, Good Night at youtube so I could watch~ XD
  6. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    @marvelangga: I wish i could, my voice just isnt as high pichted as hers. I sing a lot like rin.
  7. marvelangga
    @dragonslayergirl: Isn't Rin's Meltdown high-pitched too?? :P Your voice are like Rin's?? wow...
  8. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    @marvelangga: It is kinda high pitched just not as high pitched as miku's voice. I always get stuck when miku says: Last night good night. I can never get that one part right. Now im trying to sing kokoro.
  9. marvelangga
    @dragonslayergirl: go Rin... err, dragonslayergirl!~
  10. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    @marvelangga: Lol Now, to learn the actual lyrics in japaenase XD
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