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How Did You Meet Hatsune Miku?

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  1. marvelangga
    Give details on how you came to know the greatest vocaloid diva of all time!
  2. Xanfiore
    Since I'm 13. xD
    I came a cross Miku when I overheard a song at a friend's page.
    Then I checked it on youtube and there! 8D
  3. marvelangga
    Mine was back 2009, when my brother showed me one of her PVs [Love is War], and then I recalled her cameo appearance in Lucky Star OVA. My interest in her intensified when I played Project Diva, a rhythm game in psp. She was sooo cute there!~ XD
  4. Raniyukibrown
    when i was looking around the web for some new jpop songs to listen 2 then i ran across world is mine and fell in love with her sound
  5. Senjou_Akira
    I always see her in anime wallpapers and in those posters in comic alley. She is so cute but i don't know from what anime she is until my brother introduce this system of vocaloids and i was like... cool~ O_O -> ^o^
  6. marvelangga
    @akira.yuki: I recalled last time when I was going to buy a Hachune Miku stuff toy from that store. When a saleslady approached...

    "Would you like the K-ON stuff toy, sir?" (Since the Yui was just beside Miku's)
    "No, I would want that Hatsune Miku..."
    "Hatsune Miku? What Hatsune Miku?", then I pointed to the stuff toy I was referring to...
    "Ahh, the Vocaloid! Sorry, I don't know much about them"
    "The hell you don't know, you're a failure as a Comic Alley saleslady!", I thought.

    Afterwards, I was a little upset since not everyone knows about who's Hatsune Miku yet. Then a funny idea came to my mind:

    "I'll hang this stuff toy in meh bag! With it's size, everyone in school shall notice!~", and I really did!
  7. Skylar1
    Eric was poking around on youtube one day for trance and techno music, and I came across the stratosphere song.

    I had heard from friends earlier on that vocaloids weren't real people singing, which to me, was awesome.
  8. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    I heard from one of my firends and deicded to check youtube and see what all the fuss was about.
  9. marvelangga
    @Eric: For me, it wasn't that Hatsune Miku being not a real person that made me think she's awesome; it was that she's too cute! XD

    @dragonslayergirl: Cute girls can really make a fuss!~
  10. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    @marvelangga: uh i guess lol
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