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yes or no?

  1. raven rose 101
    raven rose 101
    Do you think naruto will be able to bring back sasuke to the hidden village or not?!!?!??!
  2. RJ169
    Hmm I don't think he will be able to bring him back (alive)
  3. Shini
    It's like Gaara said, "he's too far in the darkness" or something to that effect (now I really can't remember if he said the too far part or not). Once he learned the truth about Itachi and declared his vengeance on the Leaf, I think that pretty much sealed it. The only way Sasuke comes back is in a casket... Unless that power Itachi gave Naruto has something to do with making Sasuke good again. A stretch, but you never know.
  4. ~Fallen~Angel~
    no cuase they'll kill each other before heading back together
  5. The_Angry_Princess
    No because I know something
  6. Jonathan Pittman
    Jonathan Pittman
    i think that the feud between the two souls will be put to rest in peace and no one or all will die.
  7. Jonathan Pittman
    Jonathan Pittman
  8. Amber Mucha
    Amber Mucha
    i do not know but some part of me say yes he come back .
  9. Neji-Hyuuga5
    yes i think so
  10. BigDangoFamily
    I think yes because Sasuke still thinks about Naruto and Sakura a lot.
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