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[TENTATIVE] 24h Challenge

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  1. AzureDark
    Based on an event years ago at the old AL. I'm thinking of doing the same "to celebrate the 25,000th lyric up on AnimeLyrics".

    Was planning to do this sometime in July but I stalled on the announcement (damn you World Cup). But now that AF supports Groups I think we can do this in a discussion type of way without announcing anything yet,

    Are you up for this? Do you think it'll be a good idea? Throw your suggestions here.
  2. Hikarin
    I like the idea of celebrating something like that, but how would you actually do that? I don't believe you've gone into any particular details yet.
    Whatever it is, it'd have to stay lyric related, wouldn't it?
  3. bluepenguin
    Sounds like fun to me! It might give me the incentive to translate some of the songs I've been meaning to do for a while but haven't gotten around to.
  4. AzureDark
    Hikarin: It goes like this: Before the event you make yourself a setlist of song titles you want to do and put it on an entry thread, so that people won't pick the same song (in a way you're "booking" the lyric). On the date itself, you do the lyric work under that 24 hour period and submit it. It's recommended you pick about 24, but it isn't necessary (I'm planning 25 myself). You don't have to do one song every hour.

    I'll be around on AF Chat if anyone needs help. I'll be doing 3x the workload (my setlist, submission approvals and being around for assistance) so it'll be quite fun...
  5. bluepenguin
    When were you thinking of doing this, by the way? I'm curious, since firstly I forget to check the forums a lot and would be sad to miss it because of that, and secondly I'm moving soon, so.
  6. Hikarin
    @AzureDark I like the idea then :3 It would really give me the kick I need to get it done with rather then procrastinate. I guess you'll have your work cut out for you though, lol.
  7. AzureDark
    We'll hopefully be doing this in early August, maybe on the 8th. I'll have to write up a participation thread and ask Kaitou to advert this on the front page.
  8. Hikarin
    Alright then. Only thing is, I'll have to do them all on the day and then submit them within an hour because I can only use public internet which I am allowed on for a limited time. Either way, I have my list decided already ;p
  9. ArtemisA
    Would the challenge be for translits or just translations or what? Translits can be cranked out much faster, of course.
  10. AzureDark
    Usually translations, though beginners can do just translits.
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