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Which Character are you?

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  1. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    Which Vocaloid character would you be?
  2. miyabikazama
    i would be luka to tell you the truth all the quizes i took say i'm luka
  3. Raniyukibrown
    i would be a miku lol thats what i'm told
  4. Kagamine Twins
    Kagamine Twins
    um....probably rin.....thats my nickname between the people i know at least.....
  5. I A
    I A
    I would be Rin, I'm the same age as her and I love her music.
  6. Kagamine Twins
    Kagamine Twins
    yay!!! i luv the Kagamine twins! I definetly love rin the most though.......what i don't understand is why there are so many songs where rin dies.....TT^TT
  7. I A
    I A
    Actually it's more Len dieing than Rin. Rin is always the one who get's saved.
    Darn it the test says i'm Kamui Gakupo!! But he's cool i guess!
  9. Xeyuzio
    According to a quiz I am Meiko. >.>;; If I had to choose I would be Piko. =P
  10. Rei
    Is this the said quiz? Someone really ought to post the link to it.

    Apparently I'm Yowane Haku. I'd rather be MEIKO or Gakupo, though...
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