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2011 Changes

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  1. Vintniv
    I would like this group to be more active, and of course we probably wont be able to do the calender project because of people's time constraints, difficulties, and just all around lack of ideas on how to pull it off. So, I would more or less like have this discussion opened for ideas on how to improve over the course of the next year so we can be a larger driving force here on AF.

    I had a few ideas on things we can do:

    1. Advertise. We could create some sort of an advertisement, little tag, or button to draw in new members.
    2. Bi-Weekly Update. I was thinking that what we could do is something to the effect of a little dispatch letter to members on things going on, new tutorials, introducing new members, etc.
    3. Create Resources. Photoshop brushes, tutorials, mentoring other members on the functions and creative uses of Photoshop, among other things.

    Of course I would like feed back on this, and any other ideas you might have.
  2. Cotaku
    What if we did something like a public update? It doesn't have to go with the Bi-Weekly Update; it could be a monthly thread or newsletter telling people what we've been doing, what we plan to do, etc. Essentially, it could be just like the Bi-Weekly Update except made for public viewing.
  3. Bulf
    We could make like a sort of "help center" or something where people who are curious about what we do or how to do something can ask us. Or an official critique thread, since it isn't as easy to get critique in threads as it used to be. We could also redo some of AF's banners...god knows we need some new ones xD.
  4. Vintniv

    We probably couldnt make it public, because FlashD would just delete it. We can make it public within the group, but that's about all until Ace decides to revise some of the group making abilities so we dont end up with a bunch of clones smothering us out.


    We can do that first part in the form of Tutorials. After all, the Tutorial of the Week thread is still there, still stickied, still unupdated. We could use that, more or less. As for the whole group critique thread, I think it stands for itself that we just go into threads one by one and critique them the regular. I mean, for me, most people are really repetitive in their signatures, and dont need anything more than coming to terms with that.

    And the banners thread is still there too! FlashD is still taking them, certainly dont need my or anyone else telling you not to do that.
  5. FluffyDango
    2011 changes for me: My stationary pc wouldn`t start, so I had to deliver it to the shop I bought it at and they did some stuff, formating being one. So I lost PS on it.
    But I`ve bought a laptop where I plan on installing PS, but that too has Windows7 which is not an easy operative system to install PS on :P
    Hope W8 will be much better, that they remove that stupid thing that you have to be on admin account to install some programs (PS being one) and that it will be more gamer friendly(this is what they have promised).

    Don`t kick me out from here, I will install ps on the laptop, hopefully it won`t mess it up like it did with the stationary :P
  6. Bulf
    Heh, I completely forgot about Tutorial of the week. And as for the critique thread, I meant we (or anyone else who wants to) posts something in there that they'd really like critique on. Not necessarily a sig, but any sort of gfx...or vfx (God please no). As far as banners go, I was thinking we could maybe do a group collab....somehow. Flash hasn't updated it in a while though, so I'll wait for some sort of clearance on that before we get any ideas.

    Don't worry, we won't kick you out...yet :P. I didn't know you couldn't install PS on W7 though.
  7. Vintniv
    I did remove some people from the group because they werent active, but I kept all of the ones who have at least participated in something. Whihc I guess brings me to one of my earlier topics, how could we advertise ourselves to attract more members?
  8. Bulf
    The easiest way to attract people is usually offering a reward, but I have no clue what we could offer or hold a contest for. Maybe we could ask Ace or Flash to do one of those announcements like they do for Wallpaper of the Month. I guess the easiest way to start is to advertise in our threads. Or maybe just a Misc thread...I'm not really sure D:
  9. FluffyDango
    @Hyphen: You can, it`s just unecessary much work :P
    On w7 you have to change to admin account on windows before you can install it :P
  10. FluffyDango
    We could make resource packs.
    That way I can at least participate until I bother to install ps again :P
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