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The Character(s) according to you...

  1. Ashminigun
    Ok, those who have play the game has his/her own impression about the character(s) choose/like. Whether it's about the personality, the design, the playability or anything. What's your take?

    Bang - The manliness version of Naruto.

    Nu - That what you get if you mix Dizzy with Anubis. O_o
  2. SigmaSD
    Rachel- If you thought all lolis were nice and cute, think again. lol
  3. Ashminigun
    ^That. Rachel is more like Mina Tepes that has the control of the weather.

    Litchi - Arc Soft's answer to Mai Shiranui. Boobs... O_o
  4. Kaitou+
    Nu is a broken character.

    Noel - Defines awesome.
  5. Ashminigun
    Taokaka - An energetic cat girl with mild ADHD. Wait... Does all cat girl like that?

    Unlimited Hakumen - He's A LOT harder to beat than Unlimited Nu herself.

    Ragna - He's the only guy in the game that everybody loves.
  6. Ashminigun

    Noel - Cross over betweenMilia-Rage and <insert any of your dual-welding guns chick here>

    Hakumen - Actually he's not that evil, just having higher damage per hit and have different perspective about justice.

    Jin - Psychotic version of Ky and having brother complex. He freeze you instead of electrocuted.
  7. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Bang Shishigami~ smexy and awesome
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