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If I was an anime character

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  1. Animeguytotheright
    If you could be an anime character who would you be, and tell us why.
  2. Animeguytotheright
    I'd be Naruto for one reason and one reason only the futon rasangen shuriken.
  3. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    I'd be sasuke cuase im gunna get my revenge just like he did on itachi
  4. Animeguytotheright
    Lol that's a good character.
  5. cid123
    I'd be ulric from code lyoko becuse hes really strong but hes really emo...
  6. Animeguytotheright
    I've seen Code Lyoko but which guy is the guy with the brown hair or the guy with the blonde hair?
  7. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    the guy with brown hair. the guy with blonde hair is odd and he isnt emo at all =/ i couldnt even see how you could possibly even think that he is emo.
  8. rinchen eden
    rinchen eden
    i wud go 4 rukia nd fight wit hollow
  9. Meteorkeeper
    I would haft to be Tenchi that lucky SOB.
  10. catie
    I would surely be Ritsu and eat cake all day
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