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Next Season? Seriously?!

  1. Ashminigun
    For who unaware, here's a rundown. In the 7th and final released of the DVD and Blu-Ray, there are two unaired specials included in the release. One is a short called "Another Epilogue", alternate ending of concluding episode and Episode 4 aka special episode.

    The Another Epilogue give us a hint that Jun Maeda will not let the first series kick the bucket yet. He's a grand scheme to extend the shelf-life of the first installment. I'm afraid this might back fire and he unable to carry the momentum the first did.

    What's your view on this?
  2. .:neuko:.
    Well, I really loved Angel Beats, even though it had only 13 episodes initially; but I do wish Jun Maeda had gone into the backgrounds of all the SSS characters, not just those of Yuzuru, Kanade, and Yuri, which were great (Yui's story were OK, if not particularly original). Therefore, I'd like the idea of the first series of Angel Beats! being extended. However, I hope it doesn't turn out to be merely fan service like with the extended episodes of "The Melancoly of Haruhi Suzimiya".
  3. Ashminigun
    Actually, they had already laid out some of the back story of the founding members of SSS (Yuri, Hinata, Oyama, Chaa and Shiina) in the light novel Track Zero and its manga adaptation Heaven's Door. The Girls Dead Monster band members are also explained in the light novel spin-off. Only the rest of the SSS members were given little or none about their past life and how they come into contact with the group; both in the light novel/manga or anime.

    Kanade's back story in the series are merely assumptions based on the anime. Maeda-san never explicitly explain it; just hints and clues scattered in the anime for the fans to figure it out. Therefore, I cannot really wrap my mind of the idea of making another installment based on the first.

    Just sayin'. :|
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