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Fav composer of vocaloid songs?

  1. noir_charisma1109
    Lately, I've realized and have come to credit the composers of the awesome vocaloid songs that happens to be posted on Youtube, NicoNico, etc. So who's your fav composer?

    Mine's Deco*27, wowaka, ryo, supercell, hachi, mothy, and there's alot more, but i'll mention these for now but out of all of them Deco*27 and hachi are my def fav (due to Matryoshka, World End Umbrella, Coward Montblanc, Mosaic Roll, and Two Breaths Walking)
  2. dango-chan
    Deco*27, Ryo, Supercell and kz!
  3. I A
    I A
    Personally I like mothy and U-ta/U-taP. They've made great albums that I now have on iTunes. ^.^
  4. Xeyuzio
    Machigerita makes like the best songs ever in my opinion. :3
  5. Rei
    AVTechNO!, mothy, Machigerita, hachi, White Flame(Kuro Usa-P) and some others.

    I don't particularly like supercell and ryo...their compositions are a bit...generic.
  6. animeyay
    mothy, hachi, kuro usa, owata, 40mP
  7. Light Buster
    Light Buster
    HSP and AVTechNO!
  8. Xeyuzio
    My old opinion sucks. >:U Otetsu is so much better. :'D
  9. Achamo
    I like wowaka, EZFG, and niki the most. Oh, and Jin, but I mostly listen to his songs for the Kagerou Project.
    Papiyon isn't bad, either. E? Aa, sou and White Prism are good songs in my opinion, if you look past the former's subject matter.
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