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~* Favorite Chara *~

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  1. LinaLuna
    Who is your favorite Naruto-Chara?
  2. Stripes
    My favorite character is Sasuke. I love lightning and swords. He is the coolest and besides, I feel sympathy for him.
  3. LinaLuna
    My favorite charas are Gaara,Kiba and Sasori,Sasori and Gaara are really cold and cool,but I think they are symphatic.Kiba is a nice,kind boy,okay,he is sometimes like the boss,but that is okay~
  4. StupidEJ95
    Definetly Sasuke
  5. raven rose 101
    raven rose 101
    sasuke, kiba and naruto of course they are all so
  6. RJ169
    Hidan,Gaara,or nagato/pain
  7. Shini
    I can't believe no one said Itachi. You all get Tsukiyomi.
  8. ~Fallen~Angel~
    my fav charas are naruto,neji,itachi,tobi,and shikamaru they are soooo cool!!!!!! i wrote a doujin and 1 shot about them!
  9. Elukien
    Got to be Hidan, Deidara, Shikamaru and Kakashi.
  10. 1 lover
    1 lover
    my favorite chara is kiba.
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