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First Anime?

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  1. Solstice Nightx
    Solstice Nightx
    My First Anime Was Chobits. It Has Gotten Me To My Loving Of Anime Today

    What Was Your First Anime?
  2. Hachisuka Goro
    Hachisuka Goro
  3. -Danielle-
    Sailor Moon and Escaflowne. They both played on a channel we had here back in the day called Fox Kids.
  4. Khyla Faith Bagas
    Khyla Faith Bagas
    mine was ''beck mongolian chop squad''
    its a story about a band,.,
  5. Johnny Hill
    Johnny Hill
    Dragonball, before I even knew what anime was, or how to count past 20.
  6. Haruka-san
    My first loves were Sailor Moon and Pokemon
  7. Sapphire-Moon
    Dragonball z, sailor moon, cardcaptors, pokemon
  8. miyabikazama
    my first anime was sailor moon
  9. Kentaro Kurosaki
    Kentaro Kurosaki
    Pokemon, DBZ, then Bleach
  10. Kisuke004
    naruto xd
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