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Why think the impossible

  1. aether and kanna
    aether and kanna
    Stop saying it won't work wait and find out people don't stop and think thats the problem, youpeople are just going in and not knowing what could be, you have to find out and see what the interest are. Me and my love have made it work all kinds f ways in the last almost two months.

    Tell what you think of a good relationshi is and how you apporch it just think about it?
  2. aether
    Just never think anything is impossible, because you'll find that you can do anything then. Once you set your mind to it you can achieve the impossible
  3. Lumière 
    I met my love at the age of 13/14. I am now 20.
    We're getting married in two years time.

    Anything is possible. <3
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