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Words / Art to inspire.

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  1. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    Everyone is welcome to post pictures on here.
    It can be anything, as long as you feel like it could inspire.

    You can post a word, a line. Anything.

    This discussion thread is meant to be inspiration itself. ^^
  2. TrueAyat Griever
    TrueAyat Griever
  3. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    The most inspiring word of them all. ^^
  4. Hachisuka Goro
    Hachisuka Goro

    Black Swallowtail Butterfly. 黒 Swallowtail 蝶。
  5. Iceflower
    Water, the source of life

    but also cause for great despair.

  6. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
  7. Iceflower
    Thanks, Kirei ^^

    Here's just some simple line...some thought of mine. Maybe it can be inspiring to someone.

    "somewhere between nowhere - I lost my way or did I ever have one?"
  8. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    Also very inspiring! I'm glad you're part of this group!
  9. Iceflower
    Thank you very much ^^ I am glad, too as nearly none of my friends is interested in poetry or literature in general. This time it's a text (more or less):

    "wandering and wondering just how I got on this rollercoaster
    there was no line. there was no price
    somehow I entered
    and now I canít get off this ride called life"

  10. Keena
    Here's a quote I like: "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain."
    And another: "God is a DJ, Life is a dance floor, Love is one of the rhythms and YOU are the music."

    Maybe they'll inspire someone else?
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