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Soviet AnimeForum

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  1. LavaBug
    Can I have Japanese girls with cat ears on instead of gun-clad men?
  2. Vintniv
  3. OminousCloud
    I'm wondering how long ago this invite was sent... I only noticed it just now. Anyway, hey =D

    Is there a secret handshake?
  4. LavaBug
    Hey cloud! I didn't know you were staff!
    Anyway I'm not supposed to talk about the secret handshake, sorry ^^
  5. Aku no Hikari
    Aku no Hikari
    Lol, 3 of the staff members here have K-ON avatars at the time of this post.

    I third Serated's post.
  6. Vintniv
    We should have an AF communist day or something. Like every staff member having the same Signature/avatar and act like nothing's happened.
  7. LavaBug
    @aku no hikari: Yes we need two more and the band will be complete ^^
    Also we should meet up after classes are over and have some tea and cake
  8. Skylar1
    what about coffee and cake.

    Or, better yet, coffecake. :3
  9. Eris
    Never mind about the cake.
  10. Myrra
    Well, after a very prolonged period of not checking that thing marked "notifications" for anything other than PMs, I've finally joined a group.
    I apologise in advance for not being uber talkative, but my time is limited.
    I've got my cousin's wedding this weekend (which again, I forgot about) and managed to double book myself, so to speak, again.
    I'm just really good at that. It's a good thing I didn't triple book myself cos that could've been quite disastrous.
    (and yes, there is more going on this weekend that I'd like to have done, but apparently am not going to do)
    And the funny thing is, I have a planner and a calendar to remind me of all these things and yet I still manage to put myself in the position of being 2 places at the same time.
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