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Soviet AnimeForum

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  1. Vintniv
    I didnt actually think too deeply into making this group, but I thought it would be fun for the Staff to mingle with each other more than just enterprising separately among our individual forums. So hello fellow staffers!
  2. LavaBug
  3. Skylar1
    long live the strong hold
  4. FlashD
    If somebody sues us for being communist on U.S. soil, everyone point at Serated. :P
  5. Vintniv
    Oh dont you worry about that. In a couple of days they will will have more on their plates to deal with than communism.
  6. Gjallarhorn
    For the glory of Kaitou Ace!
  7. Kaitou Ace
    Kaitou Ace
    nice O_o; we still need a good way of letting people know when there are posts in the groups that they belong to.
  8. LavaBug
    how about smoke signals ?
  9. Skylar1
    maybe in your profile have like a "(new: X)" next to each group your joined with.

    that way you can just look in your profile and see which groups have new posts, and how many.
  10. Gjallarhorn
    How about we have large, gun-clad men arrive at their houses to hand them rose-scented letters announcing new posts?
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