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Welcome to Poets! :D

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  1. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    I feel the same way about Poetry, Gui Gui. ^^
  2. Nanobyte
    Hai, I'm Amber.
    You probably already know me.
    I was invited to this group by you guys, hope we have fun.
  3. Anime-Prince

    I've been writing on and off for a while now.

    I don't have a favourite type or style of poetry.

    I don't have a favourite poet.

    So.. yeah. ^_^
  4. Megamind's Minion
    Megamind's Minion
    the name is Jeng...
    hmmm.. thanks for the invitation...
    been writing since elementary days and... still do.. every now and then when emotions hit... (lol)

    anyways... free verse is a fave...
    ahm.. haiku when i want to strangle myself....
    most are rhymes...

    longfellow is my 1st fave poet...
    still is.. along with poe..
  5. Hachisuka Goro
    Hachisuka Goro
    I'm ausky and I've been writing since the fourth grade. I enjoy Edgar Allan Poe and sometimes using my skills to set philosophies to poetry.
  6. Kaname Shikara
    Kaname Shikara
    Hello ^^ my name is Lissa. You can call me anything really, as long as it's

    I've been writing poetry since 3rd grade. I've loved it so much that I wrote it everyday. But then I stopped for a few years before picking it back up XD and then stopped again for a few years....all because I kept losing ideas and wasn't sure what to write about. But I'm not quitting again ^^ I write all kinds of poetry. A favorite poet of mine is Edgar Allen Poe. Robert Frost is good too ^^ but Edgar Allen Poe is more of a favorite.

    Of course everyone improves over time, but lol I was reading some of my poetry from January and February this year and I'm like: O__O; "that's awful" I still need a lot of work, but I'm getting there ^^ and I'm happy to have met some awesome friends.
  7. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    Lots of people like Poe. After all, he does put the Poe in Poetry.
  8. Iceflower
    Hi, everyone. As I received an invitation I am quite sure at least someone here already knows me, but I doubt everyone does. So where do I start? Actually I'll already pass on my real name. You can call me Iceflower or Icy if you want to. That's the only name you'll have, to address me as I don't give out my real name on the web.

    I think I started writing (poems & stories) like...4 years ago. Of course, there were some breaks in between. I don't like forcing myself to write.

    As for...what I like...There isn't any type of poem I like more than the other. It just has to transmit the emotions and have some kind of fluent feeling to it, so that you don't have to stop all the time thinking that there's something wrong with the words and their positioning.

    And do I have any favourite poets? No, not really. I admire any poet I can relate to through their words and any poet who can awaken emotions in someone else's heart through their work is someone amazing. At least that's my opinion.
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