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Welcome to Poets! :D

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  1. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    Introduce yourself here! ^^

    How long have you been writing? What kind of poetry do you like to write? Who are some of your favorite poets?

    Say anything really.
  2. SigmaSD

    Hai hai everyone. You can all call me Sigma. I've been writing poetry for a very long time, except I write it as a hobby. I was inspired to write poetry as a kid after reading Dr Seuss along with some of Shel Silverstein's books. I also love Edgar Allen Poe's dark poetry.

    It's funny cause Edgar Allen Poe and I have the same b-day.
  3. Tetsanosuke
    Been writing since I was in the 7th grade. Got more into it as years passed, but now I write here and there when the inspiration hits me.

    I like structured poetry over freeverse, just an aesthetic quirk of mine.

    Edgar Allen Poe is the easiest one for me to remember as a favorite poet of mine.
  4. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    My name is Eva and I've been writing poetry since 8th grade. I've written quite a few structured poems, but most of my poetry is free-verse. I enjoy reading all kinds of poetry and appreciate pretty much all of it. As long as it's meaningful and creative then I'll more than likely like it. ^^ My favorite poets are all the ancient Greek ones and E.E. Cummings.

    Siggy- Lucky! You share the same bday as an amazingly awesome poet! :0
  5. Sapphire-Moon
    true name is alexandria 'alex' for short. been writing since elementary. I love to write anything, but poetry is the one I get emotional on because thats where I tell how I really feel
  6. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    Yeah, I guess you can say poetry is like an escape, a remedy even?

    Poetry is a lot of things to me, though. ^^
  7. noelynn1995900
    Hi! My name is Noelynn, but you can call me Kaida, meaning Little Dragon! ^_^
    I am happy to be a member of this group!!
  8. Capitán
    Name is xal and thanks for the invite.

    The majority of poems I wrote were done during my high school years. I don't write as much anymore.

    Favorites are freeverse and aabb style.
  9. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    Free-verse seems to be a favorite style amongst many.

    Thanks for accepting the invite guys, hopefully this group will remain active.

    If you know of anyone else that loves poetry, please let me know and I'll send them invites. ^^
  10. xgu1s3x
    Hello everyone, my name is guissela but you may call me Gui Gui.
    Thank you for the invitation. =]
    Poetry to me is when i express all the I am feeling all the tension and such, as you've said it's like an escape.
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