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Trading Spot

  1. Estraya
    Offer up your trades and what your looking for here!
  2. Estraya
    Okay, to try to get things going here I'm going to give you all a chance for a free shiny! Rules are simple pick a number 1-50 who ever gets the right number gets the prize! The shiny prize for this game will be a shiny Rapidash!
  3. Estraya
    Forgot to mention that everyone can guess once a day.
  4. Estraya
    Since there seems to be very little people around this site at the moment I'm going to move this game somewhere else. I'll check in every once in a while and if enough people show interest I'll be happy to start a new game XD
  5. Estraya
    I am currently looking for Articuno and Moltres. I have shiny and legendary for trade check my blog for a list of what I have. Will trade multiple shiny and legendary for one of the ones I'm looking for.
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